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Date Event Location
Mario Rojas- Full Band Mothers Tavern, Sunset Beach, CA Mothers Tavern, Sunset Beach, CA
Mario Rojas RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre
Mario Rojas RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre
Mario Rojas - Solo Schooners, Cuyucos, CA Schooners, Cuyucos, CA
Mario Rojas - Solo Sculpterra Winery, Paso Robles, CA Sculpterra Winery, Paso Robles, CA
Mario Rojas Shelton Park, Claremont, CA Shelton Park, Claremont, CA
Mario Rojas RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre
Mario Rojas- Solo La Verne Brewery, La Verne, CA La Verne Brewery, La Verne, CA
Mario Rojas Wingwalker Brewery, Monrovia, CA Wingwalker Brewery, Monrovia, CA
Mario Rojas RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre, CA RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre, CA
Mario Rojas Last Name Brewing Last Name Brewing
Mario Rojas- Solo RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre RT Rogers Brewery, Sierra Madre
Mario Rojas -SOLO Sculpterra Winery Sculpterra Winery
Mario Rojas - SOLO- CANCELLED Bogarts Coffee House, Seal Beach Bogarts Coffee House, Seal Beach
Mario Rojas Old Oak Wine Cellers, Pasadena, CA Old Oak Wine Cellers, Pasadena, CA
Mario Rojas - SOLO -CANCELLED Portfolios Coffee House, Long Beach Portfolios Coffee House, Long Beach
Mario Rojas Mt. Lowe Brewery, Arcadia Mt. Lowe Brewery, Arcadia
Mario Rojas- SOLO Chads, Santa Ana Chads, Santa Ana
Mario Rojas Frogtown Brewery, Frogtown L.A. Frogtown Brewery, Frogtown L.A.
Mario Rojas Mt. Lowe Brewing, Arcadia Mt. Lowe Brewing, Arcadia

Latest News


MUSIC FROM THE GREEN CHAIR is out! Released in spring 2022 its a 6 song EP. The EP contains Hold Me, Hypnotized, I Plead Guilty, If Im On Fire, Mr. Disappointment and an instrumental track titled Im Oh So Glad its You. Digital release only, I play everything you hear. Produced and mixed by Mario Rojas.  

STEREO -  Its a 6 song collection. The songs are Atascadero to Salinas, Take a Breath, Cross That Line, Baby Blue Too, Whispers and Shouting and SGV 80*. I play everything, produce and mix! This is going to be download available so please check it out on all your favorite platforms! 

​​​​​​Pop Sensibilities Volume IV is available right now for immediate download! 

Lost Angelino is available now for immediate download! 

Remember you can get the self produced 2nd CD-Mario Rojas and A Saturday Night Pink- as well on ITunes and CD Baby. 
The first CD- The Great 
Procrastinator is out of print but available out there somewhere!  

Remember- if you can't find it you can always contact me and I'll hook you up!

Players on the following albums are:

The Great Procrastinator- Released in 2003- Mario plays all instruments. Produced by Mario Rojas
Mario Rojas and A Saturday Night Pink- Released in 2013 - Mario plays all instruments except on Dallas, Austin El Paso  which features Jeremy Long on pedal steel and organ. Produced by Mario Rojas
Lost Angelino- Released in 2017-  Produced by Ed Tree and Mario Rojas. Mario plays guitar, bass, piano, organ, horn synth and vocals, Rick Snyder- Bass and Harmonium, Jeremy Long- pedal steel and B3, Mike Fernandez- drums. On  Red Dress-Wymann Reese- Keyboard , Brian Wells- drums , Gary Riley- Bass  and Kevin Marin on harmonica.

Pop Sensibilities Volume IV- Released in 2020- Mario plays all instruments- Produced by Mario Rojas
Stereo- Released in 2020- Mario plays all instruments- Produced by Mario Rojas.
Music From The Green Chair-Released 2022- Mario plays all instruments- Produced by Mario Rojas


 Europe is starting to check out Lost Angelino! Check out the following:   (15.03.18)     (16.03.18)

After Midnight Radio with Noel Casey in Dublin, Ireland

"Lost Angelino is the third release and scores points with its consistently consistent sound and stylistic nuances across music history, cleverly integrated into the overall picture"....MUSIK an sich GERMANY!

"Lost Angelino...these sounds will particularly talk to the generation that listened to the West Coast Sounds..and the excellent vocals remind us of this golden good on several tracks".....RADIO I.S.A. FM FRANCE!


 Is this the king of America?  The resident of Los Angeles absorbed the entire pop history and spit it out again in the form of eleven strong songs on Lost Angelino. The multi-instrumentalist takes care of the choirs behind his nasal vocals. He does a lot himself anyway, but if necessary, he also relies on the contributions of others. For example, organist Jeremy Long on Blue Light Follow also provides a nice piece of steel guitar. On Beatle Boots they walk around with cowboy hats and on the number is notable that besides Costello also Graham Parker is an important influence. And when Valerie comes along, you can also think of Don Dixon. Songs about good times, bad times and slow times. Very nice songs.......ALT COUNTRY NETHERLANDS!!


"Lost Angelino" the third album in the very long musical career of L.A. based singer-songwriter Mario Rojas, reflects the nostalgic sound of the 70's. We would like to compare these songs with the work of people like Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne and John Hiatt. may that sound like a very promising reference to Mario Rojas......ROOTSTIME MAGAZINE BELGIUM!!!


With 'Lost Angelino' the third album of this American songwriter appeared  we are not sorry because this disc will not go unnoticed, we are convinced. At the end of the seventies Mario Rojas was already active in a pop-punk band (Shake Shakes) and undoubtedly he must have been influenced by one Elvis Costello. Also his voice is, as it were, a copy of the grandmaster, at least the Costello in his initial period. But it was also the period of Graham Parker, Jackson Brown and Springsteen. That is noticeable.  Multi-instrumentalist Rojas plays a lot of instruments on this album: from guitar to bass, piano, horn, synthesizer, percussion and tambourine. He also takes care of all the vocal parts. A daring piece anyway. Mario Rojas has certainly made a varied album, which was also released in-house. All songs were made in the same studio, except 'Red Dress'. 'Beatle Boots' is a pop gem that jumps out, but also the title track 'Lost Angelino' stands as a house as well as the swinging 'Blue Light Folow'. The danceable 'Everythings Right' (beautiful organ) and 'Cryin' also sound rootsy and a bit poppy. 'Valerie' is a sing-along song and 'Cryin' starts very rhythmically and ends with a slow kadance, a special song. This is definitely an album that should not be missing in your music collection. Especially if you are fond of music from the sixties / seventies.......KEYS AND CHORDS MAZAZINE BELGIUM!!!


"With the production of his friend Ed Tree, "Lost Angelino" is presented as an electro-acoustic album with warm and enveloping tones, since the initial "Temporary Crown", perfect pop-song interpreted with the typical look of the Californians of the seventies . "Beatle Boots" is instead full of an extremely fresh and stimulating soul, a song that could easily be an outtake of a record by Mr. Costello, "Lost Angelino" is flowing and crystalline, melodically among the best of this selection composed of eleven originals that highlight the good vein and talent of Mario Rojas. On this track you can enter "Blue Light Follow" with the beautiful pedal steel of Jeremy Long, "Valerie" with all the baggage of the most classic pop melodies of the sixties, a baggage that Mario has put to good use even in the beautiful "Red Dress "And" Everything ""....LONESTAR TIME ITALY!!!!


More airplay!!! Getting good airplay in Italy!! Thanks Mystery Train Radio Ascolta P.N.R. 96.4 Italian Radio!!! And Highway 61 Voce Spazio FM !!!

Thanks to Muziek En Toch Dutch Radio!!! And Paul van Gelder Dutch Radio!!!!

 Thanks to MOJO ALT 94.1 FM Radio in Skopje, Macedonia for playing!!!




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Pop Sensibilities Volume IV

Mario Rojas

The latest release is out now! Download now on iTunes, CD Baby, stream on Spotify, You Tube, Pandora and every other site you may use!

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