Mario Rojas is a singer songwriter from  Los Angeles, CA.   As a teenager he spent a few years living in Dallas, Texas where he was able to get into clubs and absorb some of the local music scene  seeing such diverse acts as Freddie King and Ray Wiley Hubbard to name a few. He learned a lot living there. and has been banging on the guitar since he was a kid. Has a major in FM and a minor in AM radio. Its all about the songs for him. 

In L.A. around 77 to the early 80's he spent a few years writing, singing and playing guitar in the popular Pasadena based  Shake Shakes, a pop punk new wave band who were on "the cusp of making it". After that he took some time off to help raise his kids. Now he's back and has more to say.  His songs reflect all the good parts of AM radio, from back when you could hear everything from the Stones to the Supremes, Dylan to The Beach Boys, to L.A's 70's songwriter country rock days to punk on FM.  Listening to just about every type of music opens your eyes and ears and all of those influences show up. 

How do you describe the music? If influences like Springsteen, The Birds, Graham Parker, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Poco, Linda Rondstadt, Laura Nyro, Goffin and King, Boyce and Hart, Leon Russell, The Jam, Elvis Presley and Costello, Cream, anything Motown ,Hi ,Stax, Bennet, Mathis, Badfinger,John Hiatt, The Supremes, John Paul George and Ringo, Mick, Kieth and Brian , Neil Young , Brain Wilson, hidden 60's pop gems, surf greats ,country greats, soul greats, and on and on are to your liking then please take a listen!